Beach towels made by WK interns show signs of skin cancer | Creo’s Muse

2021-11-13 06:35:09 By : Ms. Macy S Lee

We all learned ABC when we were young. As adults, they play an important role in detecting skin cancer. 

Wieden Kennedy London provided two creative interns, Hannah Young and Aleksandra Atanasovski, with a briefing in May, asking the pair to design something that they are passionate about and look good in their portfolio.

The duo are now full-time junior creatives at the agency. They have collaborated with the London-based skin cancer charity Skcin to create beach towels that can be uploaded to Instagram and can save lives. This partnership, like most things today, has achieved results through Zoom.

Sun&See towels are priced at £29.99 and come in three colors: pearl-proof, sand-proof and bronze to express different skin tones. The towel frame defines the ABC of melanoma: asymmetry, frame, color, diameter, and evolution. Within this boundary is the number of spots representing the progression of melanoma ABC.

"This towel is inspired by a very popular animal print-the cheetah mark," Yang said. "We can see how these spots can easily turn into moles. A generation of people who aspire to a'perfect' tan in society grows up. We have studied skin safety before and know the warning signs that need attention. So we use these The logo created our own pattern to make useful and educational beach towels, making it easier for you to check yourself."

These towels are being promoted on the Instagram and Twitter pages of Skcin and WK. The two also collaborated with influential people to promote the cause.

Young and Atanasovski came up with the concept of Sun&See two weeks after receiving the briefing and began to work on design, manufacturing, packaging and website development.

"We came up with this brand name to draw people's attention to checking their skin in and under the sun," Yang added.

There is always time to play with freckles, right?

Creative Director: Adam Newby and Will Wells Creative: Hannah Young and Aleks Atanasovski Photographer: Sofija Vujanic Post-production: Jade Lamb Producer: Sammy Watts Stanfield Editor: David Brodie Models: Kieran Ralph, Amber Mitchell Hatchman, Kayleigh Quartey Public Relations Director: Lee Gunther

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