15 such soft bath towels, every day is like a hot spring day

2021-11-13 05:55:48 By : Ms. shirley shen

The difference between a good bath towel and a bad bath towel is striking: most of us would rather walk around wet than dry with itchy, stiff, and smelly linens. When looking for the best bath towel, it is important to invest in a bath towel that can withstand countless washing cycles and is comfortable enough to wear without clothes. Knowing the moment the towel smells pungent is also the key, it's time to throw it away (even after using a strong scented detergent). If the towel lacks absorbency or quick-drying properties, or is just old, odor will accumulate.

Fortunately, there are some ways to avoid this problem. Whether you are buying some new towels in the market or just starting to use and want to do some research before investing in a complete set of towels, we have highlighted the best bath towels for various price points and styles. To break down the best, we interviewed experts who excel in creating our favorite towels, such as lush Turkish cotton and high-performance functional essentials.

Whitney Thornburg, Coyuchi’s design director, said: “Shoppers should look for 100% organic cotton when looking for towels with good performance.” Most traditional towels on the market have been treated with harsh chemicals that will make them feel fluffy at first. , But it can actually make the towel water repellent. To test whether your towels contain chemical softeners, Thornburg recommends paying attention to whether they feel waxy or soapy—similar to the feeling of touching dry paper or other fabric softeners.

From affordable products to luxurious collections, from fluffy and neutral terry cloths to light and breathable linen blends, the best bath towels will change your bathing experience. Buy expert-approved gems and our other favorites below!