Airbnb hosts are buying copies of these "super absorbent" bath towels-and the price is as low as $26 |

2021-11-13 05:56:55 By : Ms. Joanna Yuen

After taking a hot shower, the best way is to wrap yourself in a soft towel. If you find that your towel feels a bit hard and rough recently, it's definitely time to get a new set. 

Thousands of Amazon shoppers recommended the Utopia Towels bath towel set-now, a pack of eight pieces is on sale in multiple colors. The towel is made of 100% loop cotton, which is soft, durable and absorbent. It can easily absorb water and dry immediately. Each lightweight towel is equipped with a double stitched hem to prevent abrasion. When you need to clean the towels, you only need to throw them into the washing machine and then dry them at low temperatures. 

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Each set includes two bath towels (27 x 54 inches in size), two hand towels, and four towels, and starts at only $26-which means that each towel costs about $3. Shoppers can choose from a range of solid colors, including gray, burgundy and beige.  

buy it! Utopia Towels bath towel set, US$27.95 (original price US$37.95);

These bath towels are one of the most popular bath towels on Amazon and have received more than 26,000 five-star ratings. The owners said they were "impressed" with the "super absorbent" towels, and one of them wrote: "I have replaced my existing expensive towels with these because they are very soft and fluffy."

"Honestly, these towels are well done," a five-star critic shared. "This is a great product. You can't tell if it is cheap or cheap. It feels really good on the skin, not as rough or itchy as other towels." They added: "When I need a towel in the future At that time, I will definitely remember this brand." 

buy it! Utopia Towels bath towel set, $28.95 (original price $32.95); Amazon website

"I hate fluffy, slippery towels," another user wrote. "I like medium-thick towels, with dense fibers, just right softness and flexibility-thirsty cotton towels, you can dry them completely, and they can easily get between your ears and toes. In my opinion, these towels are definitely It's perfect. I can't believe their prices are so low and they have so many."

Go to Amazon to buy the Utopia Towels bath towel set, starting at only $26, and the discount continues.