18 stylish picnic baskets, beach umbrellas, towels, etc.-essential items for Summer Beach Day 2021

2021-11-13 06:17:32 By : Ms. Jane Lu

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From fringed umbrellas to wicker baskets, 18 wonderful necessities can match this wonderful outfit.

Alas, the long, relaxing, SPF-protected beach day has finally arrived. Of course, you have enriched your wardrobe with light linen shirts, chic postboxes, large gowns and thick gold jewelry. (No? This is a list.) Now, for the set. This season is like a character in Fitzgerald's masterpiece-we are especially referring to the extremely wealthy divers in "A Tender Night" who turned their outings on the French Riviera into elaborate activities ——And created a gorgeous seaside environment, equipped with tassel umbrellas, wicker picnic baskets, striped hanging chairs and luxurious brand-name towels. Trust us, it will be worth it. A highly curated shopping list is as follows.

Can't get to your preferred beach resort? Bring the cabin to you wherever you plan to go this summer.

Best functional art: These whimsical fans are handmade by traditional Javanese shadow puppet craftsmen in Indonesia.

Bet you didn't know you needed a towel rack before seeing this. 

Seaside Music Entertainment is presented to you by Saint Laurent in the form of compact speakers manufactured in cooperation with Bang & Olufsen.

If you plan to spend a whole day by the sea, you must shade. Skip the cheesy rainbow-colored beach umbrellas and choose a more fashionable option (with tassels!). 

After so much restraint for a year, now is the time to embrace minimalism. Yes, even your beach towel. 

Everything needed for the most chic picnic for two at the beach (or anywhere, really) is wrapped in an elegant wicker basket.

This beautiful stool comes in 9 different colors and is a great choice for a backyard patio-then just put it in your car for an afternoon outing on the beach. 

This incredibly luxurious beach towel is inspired by the vintage suitcases used by Loro Piana's sales representatives to ship fabric samples to customers.

It can't be champagne and rosé! Don't skimp on hydration-just make it fashionable. 

Leave it to Yeti, the manufacturer of your indispensable carry-on water cup to make a powerful cooler that can be used for a long time in the sun. The strong magnet seal means it is almost leak-proof, and Coldcell insulation will keep your snacks cold for the whole day.

This ingenious wine cooler is made of vacuum-insulated stainless steel and will keep your wine bottles refrigerated for several hours. No ice is needed. 

This stylish tassel option dwarfs other people's foldable chairs, and it can be folded flat for easy transportation. 

Swimming pool floats (and naps) have a spiritual side (unfortunately, rain protection is not included).

The high fashion style of the Dior sailor bag is spacious and versatile-it can be carried on the shoulder, hand-carried or cross-body. 

Manifatura draws inspiration from hundreds of years of tradition to produce these 100% Turkish cotton beach towels, which are extremely soft, lightweight and durable. 

There is nothing more inspiring after a picnic than a Versace racket. 

We can’t sit there drinking lukewarm rosé wine all afternoon, can we do it now?