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Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James is one of the most talented passers in NBA history, but for a young fan, his most memorable assist came from the preseason game in Sacramento on Thursday. In the Lakers' 116-112 loss to the Kings, James gave a young fan the sneakers and towels he wore during the game. 

The fan in the James Lakers jersey happily waved his fists and got smiles from four-time NBA champion James and teammate Rajon Rondo. 

A post shared by PHiLz (@thebullyzsource)

A post shared by PHiLz (@thebullyzsource)

The gift from James was the only highlight of the Lakers' unremarkable game and preseason. Los Angeles has given up all six preseason games, of which only two have scored less than 12 points. James, who was selected to the NBA All-NBA Team 17 times, played in four of these six games and played 29 minutes against Sacramento while scoring 30 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists. 

The Lakers championship combination of James and Anthony Davis hopes to form an alliance with rookie Russell Westbrook, the former MVP the team acquired from the Washington Wizards in July through a trade. However, as the team removed veterans Kyle Kuzma, Kentavios Caldwell-Pop and Montrezl Harrell in the Westbrook trade, they lost the team. With Rev Ariza and Taron Horton-Tucker, the depth of the team suddenly became an issue. 

Los Angeles must resolve these issues and unite quickly because it will start the regular season in the home game against the Golden State Warriors at 10pm Eastern Time on Tuesday. The young fan James gave him sneakers and towels, and he is likely to listen-unless it is past bedtime. 

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