This is your friendly reminder: it may be time to change your bath towels

2021-12-13 20:53:29 By : Ms. Cathy Shi

Towel wear is inevitable and insidious-you don't even realize it is happening until you somehow find out that you have a brand new towel that you have owned for many years. Grayed or faded, tattered, and possibly stained (worst case), they are the linen closet version of Hot Food Express, and mom will be surprised. What can a girl do? Of course, you can strip them, bleach them, or just keep your bathroom dimmed, although it may be in your best interest to continue to replace your entire collection. The good news is that you don't have to spend a bucket of water in this process.

Here's the thing: if you have to decide whether to continue using expensive towels that had better days, or pick up a pile of basic white towels for the next Costco run, choose the latter. Once washed, they will soften, I can attest. For a long time, I haven't changed the towels as often as I should, because I don't want to spend a few hundred dollars to replenish my bathtub. I finally found myself in such a terrible predicament that I picked up a lot of ordinary, extra towels and put them in my shopping cart along with 18 packs of paper towels and 5 pounds of shredded cheese (don’t judge). After good washing and tumble drying, I prepared three rows of brand new towels for my bathroom.

It is important to note that quality has a place in this discussion. Although the price of my Costco is very soft and absorbent, it is never unwise to spend money on one of our favorite luxury brands such as Weezie or Hillhouse Home. You will get the value of your money, I can assure you. Our own Southern Living collection at Dillard's is another most popular way to upgrade your collection with luxurious linens that won’t make you flinch.

Now go out and fill your linen closet with neatly stacked (please 30% off) and completely fresh towels, and make mom proud.

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