The View hosts Sara Haines and Joy Behar shock fans with NSFW chat during 'inappropriate' moment on talk show | The US Sun

2022-07-02 00:03:13 By : Ms. Shopping Fu

THE View hosts Sara Haines and Joy Behar have shocked fans with their NSFW conversation in an 'inappropriate' moment during Thursday’s show.

Viewers have noticed the TV personalities upping their crude humor on the daytime program in recent weeks.

While chatting with guest Craig Robinson, the hosts went off on a little, NSFW tangent.

Sara told him: “Craig, you’re not only hilarious, you’re…a super talented musician with the band that has the greatest name, The Nasty Delicious."

She then joked, leaning over to pat her View co-host on the back: “Joy goes by that name at night.”

Not one to be shy, Joy joked right back: “That’s my stripper name. Although, I prefer Clam’s Casino.”

Craig was shocked by the direction the conversation took and started cracking up.

He only stopped when someone off-camera threw a towel at Whoopi Goldberg, who then in turn passed it over to Craig.

Producers, and viewers at home, noticed the guest had been working up a sweat and were doing their best to help him in the middle of the broadcast.

Joy and Sara's comments during the show were only the latest NSFW remarks on The View, as the hosts have been on a roll with them lately.

During Wednesday’s show, Joy made a crude joke about her body while talking to her shirtless guest, Simu Liu.

The Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings actor walked out to set in a short-sleeve button-up, but he made sure to leave all the buttons undone.

Revealing his toned torso, the View audience and hosts all went wild as Simu joined the hosting panel.

At one point, Joy made a joke about almost wearing a similar outfit to the Marvel star’s.

“In fact, I was gonna wear my shirt like that,” the 79-year-old told Simu, referencing his revealing attire. “But I was afraid my boobs would hit the table!”

Not expecting to hear that from Joy, Simu covered his eyes in a bit of embarrassment and started to crack up.

The other hosts all started laughing, as well, with Joy joining in to laugh about her own joke, too.

Sara Haines tried to move on to the next topic for Simu, but he and Joy couldn’t stop laughing with one another about her comment.

Fans found the moment humorous, too, with one writing about “only Joy!’

Another said: “Lol oh Joy, about having her shirt open!”

Just the day before, Joy's co-host Sunny Hostin offered some revealing information about herself.

She left fans speechless after sharing a few shocking NSFW revelations that no one saw coming.

During the broadcast, some of the hosts and guests Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers played a game that helped reveal some fun stories from everyone.

Host Sara explained the simple rules, which involved everyone holding up a sign that either said “Shore Did” or “Beach Please” in response to whether or not they’d ever done what Sara asked.

One of the first topics? Had anyone ever been to a nude beach.

At first, Sara and Matt were the only one who revealed they’d been to one, and no one cared too much.

But then Sunny raised her “Shore Did!” sign, and everyone was shocked.

Bowen pointed her out and said: “Oh, Sunny!”

The View guest and former co-host Sherry Shepherd jokingly asked: “Sunny, you went to a nude beach? Did they have prayer at the beach?”

Bowen added: “It was a Catholic nude beach!”

Sunny just kind of smiled and lowered her head down a bit and didn’t say anything, until it was time to share more secrets later on.

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