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2021-12-06 19:39:32 By : Ms. Cindy Sheng

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Leather boots are designed to deal with various situations. Whether you are pouring cement in the backyard, having dinner with friends, or hiking on nearby trails, they can handle almost anything you throw at them. However, this unstoppable shoe will only work if you properly maintain it.

When I picked up my first pair of leather boots from Aether Apparel in Los Angeles, this reality flashed through my mind. Dolomite Boot is made in collaboration with Fracap, an Italian boot manufacturer, and is handmade from 100% vegetable tanned Italian leather. It is equipped with welt stitching, metal eyelets and strong Vibram soles, all of which are specially designed for mountain peaks and city streets. But when winter comes to New York City, I need these boots to combat snow, slush and layers of salt, all of which can cause severe damage to full-grain leather.

To this end, we took the liberty to put together a guide to help you maintain your boots in winter. Before tying your shoes this season, please follow these basic principles to ensure that your shoes are ready for the next.

Before you invest in a pair of leather boots, please consider why you bought them and the purpose for which you will use them. Leather boots are not naturally waterproof, so if you plan to hike in snow and deep mud, you may need a pair of boots with a waterproof lining. On the other hand, if you plan to use leather boots in cold but dry conditions, then you might choose boots without a waterproof membrane.

Remember, leather is a natural porous material, which is why you need to keep your boots dry and clean throughout the winter. When leather absorbs moisture from snow or slush, it also absorbs dirt, which can clog and crack the material over time. To keep the boots clean, use a brush and leather cleaner to scrub the dirt on the surface, and use a separate cloth to wipe off the excess leather cleaner. This is not something you need to do every day, but you should focus on keeping your boots dry by storing them indoors instead of storing them in a front porch or garage where the temperature is definitely cooler.

Unlike living skin, leather is a natural material and needs to be treated if it is to be healthy. For this reason, you need to moisturize your boots after cleaning, because whatever you do, the leather will dry out over time. When you need to moisturize your boots, first clean them with a damp towel or cloth as usual. If deep dirt still exists, use a mild, unscented soap. After cleaning the boots, follow the product instructions to apply the cream or oil of your choice.

Moisturize your boots in the same way every three to six months, but you may need to do this more often in winter, depending on how often you wear boots and the conditions in your area. Winter is a very difficult period for leather, because the air lacks the humidity that leather desires, so moisturizing will come in handy more frequently.

Below, we recommend some leather processing products.

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