How to Surrender in Pokemon Unite | Pokemon Unite

2022-06-11 00:17:49 By : Mr. Ares Chan

While Pokemon Unite is a great time just waiting to happen, there will be times you need to throw in the towel and surrender.

Not every match will go your way, but Pokemon Unite has a way to surrender amicably when the going gets rough. This guide will tell you how to do that. 

In order to properly surrender, a majority of your team has to decide they’d like to end the match. Before this can happen though, someone has to start the voting process.

Note: A surrender vote can only occur after the first five minutes of a match. This is to prevent people from abusing this system or otherwise giving up before things get really going.  

To start the voting process, you’ll first need to hit the “Plus” button and bring up the settings menu during a match. Once there, press the “X” button to notify the team you're looking to surrender.

You’ll only have three tries at this. So, if your team fails to vote (or chooses not to quit) you won’t get another chance to start the surrender process.

If someone else starts the voting process, you can join in on the vote by pressing and holding the “Plus” button. After a few seconds, you’ll be given the option to either vote yes or no. The game will end promptly if four out of the five players decide to surrender.

I’m usually not a fan of surrendering, especially in MOBAs with gameplay systems tailored to provide a means of survival. There are plenty of ways to turn the tide in a losing match, and Pokemon Unite is no different.

That said, there are times when surrendering is the best option.

They’ll be times when one of your teammates disconnects, intentionally throws a match, or is otherwise AFK. Suffering from a laggy connection? Playing against a higher-ranked team? Heck, maybe you’re having a hard time in Pokemon Unite because no one is communicating.

Whatever the case, there are times when surrendering will seem appealing.

The other reason why surrendering is a solid way to end a match is because of a potential penalty. Leaving a match early – forcibly disconnecting – or feeding the opposing team in hopes of your teammates giving up will result in lost Fair Play points and/or the ability to participate in online battles.

Pokemon Unite is an entertaining MOBA. However, there will be matches that may warrant a quick end via surrender. Now you know how to do it. In hopes of ensuring an overall better experience in-game, be sure to check back here for more Pokemon Unite guides.

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