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2021-11-13 05:57:13 By : Ms. Grace Liu

Tired of taking the beach home? These towels will solve one of the few shortcomings of a day on the beach.

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Beach days are indispensable in the Australian summer, full of sea, sun and sand.

Although it is fun to take home memories of those days soaked in surf, the one thing you don't want is a whole towel of sand.

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If you are tired of finding half of the beach in your car every time you go into the water, you need to prepare yourself a sand-free towel.

Sand-free towels are made of materials such as velvet or microfibers. These materials have fine acyclic fibers that prevent sand from accumulating between them-it can slide off directly, so you don't have to worry about blowing out the car vacuum.

The best sand-free beach towel Sorrentina Velor Beach Towel Bayside, Canningvale, $39.99 (originally $59.99)

We like this bright and colorful striped towel-it's just the scream of summer. Made of 100% combed cotton, the velvet surface resists sand, while the looped fabric surface absorbs water to help you stay dry after soaking.

Sand Society Zebra No Sand Beach Towel, iconic, $69.95

This Sustainable Sand Society towel is decorated with a unique brown zebra pattern and can absorb up to 1 liter of water. It comes with a convenient small tote bag, tasteless and quick-drying. Check out other designs here.

Mr Poppins Co Footloose Large No Sand Microfiber Beach Towel, Myer, $79

This microfiber towel is designed to dry your body instantly and prevent any sand from leaving the beach with you. It has a feather print on one side and stripes on the other.

Salentina Ocean Scape, Canningvale, $69.99

Salentina towels are made of disposable plastic, so you will feel particularly good next time you travel to the beach. It is lightweight, quick-drying, compact and has a reversible design.

SummerSand microfiber beach towel, Amazon Australia, $44.95

These SummerSand towels are available in four colors, are very soft and have strong water absorption capacity. They are also lightweight and quick-drying, making them ideal for travel-they have received more than 400 five-star ratings.

Sorrentina Velor Beach Towel Aqua Horizon, Canningvale, $39.99 ($59.99)

Another color scheme of Sorrentina velvet beach towel, this one has bright blue stripes. Put the velvet side on the beach, put yourself on the towel side, and enjoy the sand-free beach.

Mosmann Sand Free Beach Towel Sushime, iconic, $59.95

I cannot resist including this sushi-inspired towel by Mosmann. It has a convenient carrying case, and when you roll it up, it looks like a sushi roll-so cute. It is made of superfine fiber, which has the characteristics of quick-drying, water absorption and sand-free.

How does the anti-sand towel work?

The key is the material-the sand-proof towel is made of short fiber material and has no loops, so the sand will not get stuck in it-it will slip off immediately.

Are sand-free towels worth it?

According to many enthusiastic buyers, they are definitely worth the chaos they prevent.

"I have never tried a sand-free towel before, but I am very impressed with its design. No need to shake off the towel on the beach, it is basically done for you. I like that there is no sand in my car or beach bag Yes, such a bonus!" wrote a commentator on Canningvale Salentina towels.

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